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Road to Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be parking for my vehicle?

We will have (free) designated parking from Friday, October 2nd to Sunday, October 4th. Maps of these areas will be posted here and emailed to registrants soon. We will run shuttles after mass at the Abbey on Sunday back to the parking areas.

How will I get my large luggage and tent at each campsite?

Transportation for your luggage and camping gear will be provided. Your luggage will be stacked with the other pilgrims gear. We strongly suggest that you clearly mark each item. YOU WILL NOT BE EXPECTED TO CARRY YOUR TENT OR BACKPACK AFTER ARRIVAL ON FRIDAY EVENING.
You will want to be sure and bring a SMALL personal backpack. This can be used to carry water, snacks, hand wipes, lunch, blister care materials, and personal toiletries.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed on the walk nor at the monastery.

Will there be mass each day? Will confession be available?

Mass will be said for the pilgrims on Saturday before lunch, and on Sunday upon arrival at the abbey. A mass tent and altars will be provided for priests to say mass on Saturday.
Priests will be making themselves available for "field" confessions along the walk.

What if I cannot finish the walk?

We have shuttles standing by to assist any pilgrims unable to complete the walk. It is common that many people need assistance during a pilgrimage.

Will there be bathrooms/toilet paper/hand sanitizer?

Porta potties will be provided at each campsite. We suggest that people bring their own toiletries.

Will there be medical supplies/staff available for emergencies?

We don’t recommend depending upon medical personnel being provided. There will be a number of first responders available during emergencies and to help assist with any minor injuries. The staff will not have Epi Pens, inhalers, etc. however they can help administer any medications that you bring.

Who should attend?

The pilgrimage is open to families and individuals from around the globe. We especially welcome parishes from across the region to join with us. Our hope is that the pilgrimage will be an annual event and will last a 100 years or more.

Can I register and/or pay when I arrive?

No. We ask that all pilgrims register no later than September 25th. You can register at:

Will I need to bring my own food?

Yes, all pilgrims will be expected to bring their own food supplies for most of the pilgrimage. The organizers will provide clam chowder and bread at the campfire Friday evening, and broth Saturday evening. No other food will be provided. Water bottles will be provided at each campsite and at the lunch break. No food or other beverages (i.e. coffee/ tea) will be provided at breaks other than the evening soup/broth. Pilgrims are responsible for making sure they bring enough food to last for the duration of the pilgrimage. Directions to nearby grocery stores have been provided in this document and on the FAQ page of OLHC Pilgrimage website. It is recommended that you bring food items that will not easily spoil without refrigeration and that do not need to be heated or cooked as there will not be access to a grill or fire pit. Recommended food items are: apples and oranges, dried or canned meats, trail mix and granola bars, sandwich ingredients, bagels, instant coffee, etc... Below is a list of local stores if you need to purchase last-minute items in Oklahoma: Dollar General 6414 OK-82, Peggs, OK 74452 (14 miles from campsite) Antique Cowboy Emporium (Gas & Convenience Store) 6250 OK-82 S toward N 440 Rd., Peggs, OK 74352 (14 miles from campsite) Wal-Mart Supercenter 2020 Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464 (17 miles from campsite) Reasor’s Foods (Grocery) 2001 Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464 (17 miles from campsite) WalGreens Pharmacy 1905 S Muskogee Ave., Tahlequah, OK 74464 (16 miles from campsite)

How far is the walk?

The total distance is 35 miles. Day 1 will be 24 miles. Day 2 will be 11 miles.

Will there be campsites?

Yes, Friday night (Day 1) and Saturday (Day 2), the pilgrims will be camping. Camping will be in an open field with very limited facilities. Porta potties will be provided at the campsite.

Will there be designated areas for tent setup?

Yes, you will be assigned a designated area to set up your tent.

Will I need to bring my own tent?

Yes, each pilgrim is expected to bring their own tent and camping gear. You can find a list of other needed items in our Pilgrims Handbook .

Will water be provided?

Bottles of water will be provided at each campsite and at each rest stop. Running water will be available at campsites.

Will there be food provided for lunch?

No, you will be expected to provide your own lunch. Our pilgrimage guide lists suggested food to pack and local stores to pick up last minute items BEFORE arriving at the campsite.

What is the age limit to participate?

Anyone capable of making the walk. There will be a shuttle for pilgrims that may require assistance to the next stop. The pilgrimage is not handicap accessible.

Will there be accommodations at the monastery on Sunday?

We've reserved campgrounds on monastery property to be available on Sunday for pilgrims after retrieving vehicles and luggage. (There will be VERY limited availability for pilgrims inside the monastery cells/cabins on Sunday, clergy and religious will be given priority.) Alternatively, please check our pilgrims guide for recommended local accommodations.

Will there be places to stop and get supplies during the walk?

No. You will need to bring enough food for Friday evening. The closest store will be 3 miles away. On Saturday, there will not be any stores available. Sunday afternoon, after arrival at the abbey, the closest store is approximately 20 minutes away.

What should I bring on the walk?

You will want to be sure and bring a SMALL personal backpack, to carry for both days. This can be used to carry water, snacks, hand wipes, lunch, blister care materials, and personal toiletries. DOWNLOAD OUR PILGRIMS GUIDE HERE

What kind of weather should I expect?

At this time of year in Oklahoma, the weather can be unpredictable. We recommend checking the weather closer to the time. Please be aware there could be a chance of rain. We recommend that you bring rain gear.

Should I bring bug spray?

Yes, by this time of year many of the bugs are gone for the season, however as a precaution we recommend that you bring bug spray. Recommended Body Lotion Recommended Equiptment Spray

How can I donate to The St. John Bosco Institute for Boys?

More information about the St. John Bosco Institute for Boys (SJBI) can be found here. Donations can be made here:

Will there be cell phone reception?

The camp site areas may have limited reception. There will be very limited to no reception during the walk.

Is the trail handicap accessible?

No, some of the path is gravel and is not easily handicap accessible.

What is “Chartres”?

The Chartres pilgrimage, also known in French as the pèlerinage de Chrétienté, is an annual 63 mile pilgrimage from Notre-Dame de Paris to Notre-Dame de Chartres occurring around the Christian feast of Pentecost. This pilgrimage was made popular by Charles Pequy in the early 20th Century and now has an attendance of more than 15k pilgrims annually. More information can be found here.

Is this pilgrimage only for Catholics?

No, we invite all of our fellow Christians to walk with us.

Why should I consider going on a pilgrimage?

As we begin making preparations for our journey, we would do well to remember that a pilgrimage is not simply a religiously-themed vacation, but a serious endeavor undertaken for a great purpose. What are the specific reasons for making a pilgrimage? Certainly many could be given, but traditionally, there are four: 1) To make atonement for sin 2) To venerate a particular place or object 3) To request a significant favor 4) To give thanks for favors received A more succinct way of stating these would be: Atonement, Adoration, Petition, Thanksgiving. The catechized pilgrim will recognize these as the four ends of prayer. A pilgrimage considered thus becomes a prayer we make with our whole being. The faculties of body, mind and soul come together for a common purpose. Every step we take along the way is another act of adoration, another tear shed for sins, another act of gratitude for favors received, another humble request that our petitions be granted. Here is a quick take on experiencing a pilgrimage by other fellow Catholics attending the Chartres pilgrimage in France.

Is there a map I can view of the trail?

Yes. You can view the map here.

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