2020 Pilgrimage  Intentions 


We offer to Almighty God our most heartfelt adoration and praise, through Jesus Christ our Lord, in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints, especially during these times when Masses have been unnecessarily canceled, churches have been closed, the sacraments have been restricted, and the faithful have been turned away by a cowardly hierarchy and a godless state.


We offer our adoration and praise on behalf of those priests and bishops who, while being most responsible for worshipping God, have not only neglected it themselves but prevented others from doing so as well. We offer it for fallen-away Catholics; for lukewarm Catholics; and especially for faithful Catholics whose souls have been shaken by the hypocrisy and weakness of church leaders. 


Let offer our heartfelt thanks to God for His great blessings even now; such as the opportunity to do penance and make amends for our sins while still in this life; for permitting this sudden and visible oppression of God's Church and His people, such that the scales have fallen from the eyes of many;


For the reminder that life is swift, death is certain, and our happiness is not to be found here but hereafter;


For sparing us from the ravages of an actual plague;


For renewing our fervor and faith by reminding us that the Sacraments are no guarantee, nor is the peaceful exercise of our Faith; for giving us the opportunity to connect with the martyrs of the past, by sharing in their troubles. 


Let us offer to God the pains and difficulties of this pilgrimage in reparation not only for our own personal sins, but the sins of Church, Nation, and World;


For the public sins of the Church hierarchy, including apostasy, idolatry, adultery, and the approbation of murder, and crimes against nature;

In reparation for the closure of Churches, suspension of the Sunday Obligation, for restriction of the Sacraments, and especially for the cancellation of the Holy Week and Easter liturgies;

In reparation for restricting the Faithful's access to Mass and the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion;

In reparation for the sacrilege and profanation of the Blessed Sacrament during the distribution of Holy Communion, caused by absurd 'protection' measures 


Let us beg God for the grace to remain strong in our Faith, no matter what opposition may arise; to remain calm in the face of increasing violence, aggression, and uncertainty;

Let us ask for the virtues of:
Wisdom, to know how properly to respond in these unprecedented times;
Righteous anger, to be able swiftly and boldly to rise up to defend the Faith when necessary; Charity, to love the enemies of the Church and pray for their conversion;

Let us pray for:

The conversion of Our Holy Father, and those Bishops, priests, and religious who have lost the faith; the leaders of states and nations.
Those responsible for fomenting rebellion, hatred, and anarchy in the world


Let us pray for:
The reestablishment of the nuclear family as the building block of society
The intercession of St. Joseph, for strong fathers and role model; 
The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary